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The Funds From The Donald Trump Approval Rating At Least One Week After Capitol Riot



President Donald Trump’s approval rating has hit an all-time low since he took office four years ago.

A new poll from the Pew Research Center shows that two weeks after the U.S. Capitol riot, nearly 70 percent of Americans disapprove of the way Trump is handling his job as president, with the majority saying they strongly disapprove. Comparably, only 29 percent of U.S. adults say they approve of his job performance.

The new figures are lower than in August, when Trump held an approval rating of 38 percent, a number that had remained virtually unchanged since June, when the nation was ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic and swept by racial justice protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis police custody.

Trump’s new low approaches that of George W. Bush’s 25 percent during the 2008 financial crisis and Richard Nixon’s 24 percent during the Watergate scandal.

However, both these approval ratings were from Gallup, which have not released new figures for Trump since the January 6 storming of the U.S. Capitol.

President Donald Trump leaves Air Force One in Harlingen, Texas, on January 12. One week after the U.S. Capitol riot, a new poll shows Trump’s approval rating has hit an all-time low.
Mandel Ngan/AFP

The Pew Research poll indicates that the decline in the president’s approval was seen among most major demographics since the summer.

Among white adults, Trump’s approval rating has dropped 9 percent since August. For Hispanic adults, approval declined from 28 percent to 17 percent. Approval among Black adults is currently at 4 percent, a 5 percent decrease from August.

The decline in approval is most notable among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents. The figure for those groups has fallen 17 percent since the summer.

Since last week’s assault on the Capitol, a growing number of voters, even the president’s own supporters, have rated Trump’s post-election conduct as “poor.”

In the weeks following the presidential election, 54 percent of voters said his conduct had been poor, compared with 62 percent after the riot. Trump voters who rated his conduct as poor have doubled since November.

As the White House prepares to transition to Joe Biden’s administration, the majority of voters continue to view the president-elect’s conduct since the election as excellent or good.

Trump voters have increasingly favored Biden’s post-election conduct. Currently, just 34 percent of Trump voters rate Biden’s conduct as poor, compared with 42 percent in November.

The majority of Americans say they approve of the job Biden has done so far in explaining his policies and plans for the future to the American people.

Although the public has typically approved of incoming presidents, past surveys from Pew show that Biden’s pre-inauguration approval rating, 58 percent, is higher than Trump’s was in 2017, 39 percent, and George W. Bush’s in 2001, 50 percent.


GOP Rep. McCaul: ‘We’ll See Some Violence’ at Capitol



A former chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee who was among those briefed about a possible new threat against the Capitol says lawmakers are braced for it.

Republican Rep. Michael McCaul of Texas says he thinks “we’ll see some violence.”

The threat appears to be connected to a far-right conspiracy theory promoted by QAnon supporters that former President Donald Trump will rise again to power on Thursday, which is March 4, the original presidential inauguration day.

But unlike on Jan. 6, the Capitol is now fortified against intrusions. McCaul says there’s razor wire and a National Guard presence that weren’t at the Capitol on Jan. 6 so he feels “very confident in the security.”

McCaul warns there could be another diversionary tactic — much like the pipe bombs discovered at the political campaign offices on Jan. 6 appeared to be an attempt to lure law enforcement away from the Capitol ahead of the insurrection.

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Biden DOJ Asks Supreme Court to Dismiss Sanctuary City Cases



President Joe Biden’s administration asked the U.S. Supreme Court to dismiss three pending appeals stemming from his predecessor’s efforts to block federal grants to cities and states that don’t cooperate with federal immigration enforcement.

In joint filings with the court on Thursday, Acting Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar indicated that the new administration had resolved federal litigation with California, New York State, New York City and other so-called sanctuary jurisdictions.

The cities and states sued after former President Donald Trump’s administration threatened to withhold the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grants, which are often used to buy equipment or pay for police overtime. Byrne, a New York City police officer, was murdered in the line of duty in 1988.

Lower courts were divided on the legality of the Trump policy, and both sides were appealing. The Trump administration had asked the high court to hear a case from California, while New York City and a group of states led by New York were seeking review of a ruling they lost.

The Supreme Court had been deferring action on the appeals while the new administration decided how to handle the cases.The cases are Wilkinson v. San Francisco, 20-666; New York v. Department of Justice, 20-795; and City of New York v. Department of Justice, 20-796.

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Guy Reschenthaler to POTA TV: Dems Don’t Let ‘Crisis Go to Waste’



Seeking to “cram” their radical, far-left agenda through with a slight congressional majority — in a “center-right” country, no less — Democrats are seizing on events with “blatant” hypocrisy, according to Rep. Guy Reschenthaler, R-Pa., Power Of The American TV.

“The Democrats want to use this,” Reschenthaler told Thursday’s “John Bachman Now” of the Jan. 6 storming of the Capitol, to keep National Guard troops in Washington, D.C., when they fought them being sent to cities to respond to the riots over the summer.

“Remember, they will not let any crisis go to waste.

“The left is now using what happened to push through a radical agenda, just like they’re using COVID to push their radical, far-left agenda. And they will continue to use these events.”

And the media will let them get away with it, Reschenthaler added to host John Bachman.

“There’s hypocrisy not only on our left, but there’s hypocrisy also in the legacy media,” he said.

“The left has a glaring hypocrisy. Where was the National Guard when antifa was burning down Portland? They’re still rioting in Portland. Where were they when CHAZ [Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone] was extorting businesses, when the leaders of CHAZ were extorting businesses in downtown Seattle?”

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